"Trainer, yes... but Trish is also my advisor, counselor, confidant, and friend. She's worked with my entire family and today because of her we've all embraced a healthier lifestyle."  - Lisa
Trish McKowen is Transforming Lives...

Trish McKowen believes that everybody has the ability to reach deep down inside and
discover their own "personal power"... that place inside where the athlete lives. It's what inspired her to become a Personal Trainer in the first place and to launch Fit Moves Personal Training, an inspirational results oriented private fitness studio in Bedford New Hampshire, dedicated to the health and wellness of her clients. As a Certified Personal Trainer, Aerobics, and Indoor Cycling Instructor she’s invested nearly 20 years educating, motivating and inspiring her clients to embrace a healthier lifestyle.  

Knowing the importance of education, Trish sought out nationally recognized and accredited Personal Training and Aerobics Instructor certifications, with the goal of developing safe, effective and results oriented fitness programs. “Because the industry is not regulated, many trainers aren’t certified, many lack the education and practical experience to develop programs that are not only safe but get results. Many trainers are a lot like cab drivers, they’ll turn on the meter and drive you all over town but never really take you anywhere. They aren’t really concerned about your destination.” Trish believes it comes down to the difference between working out and training. "When someone tells me they "work out" many times that means going to the gym without a plan and no
direction and usually no result...Training is specific. It has a destination and when followed with the right amount of intensity, a proven result."

Trish is invested in each clients destination. Her clients who are working on weight loss
goals lose on average, 20-40 pounds in 12 weeks, following a systematic approach
which addresses all the elements that are key to making a transformation. Trish believes
a client’s transformation starts on the inside. “They have to have a good reason to want to make a change and having the right mind set is key to turning dreams into goals, and goals into a transformation”  Trish believes you can’t get there with exercise alone,
clients need to commit to a sound nutrition program, one that encompasses whole foods, and 5 to 6 smaller meals a day."It’s strength + cardio + nutrition + supplementation that equals a transformation.”

Trish McKowen
Certified Personal Trainer
NSCA - Certifed Personal Trainer
FMS (Functional Movement Screen)
TPI Certified
Titlest Performance Institute
12 week program
40 pounds of fat loss
7 pounds of muscle gained
Actual Client Age 38